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Harvey Wadsworth | Svar 19.10.2021 20:23

I have a troll with a date of 1985 on it head and 1977 on the body! Is this normal.

Ps it has jet black hair

Ken | Svar 12.03.2021 13:28

Were any Trolls made with a frown or scared face?

Donna Strunk | Svar 07.08.2018 21:35

Where can i find out more info on the DAM trolls called the Wishnik Family? The box says 1964 on it. Are they worth anything?

Thanks in advance,

Dam Things 09.08.2018 10:15

Dear Donna
we do not value the trolls. I suggest you to follow some groups with collectors. One of my suggestion is

Søren | Svar 23.02.2018 19:19
Dam Troll Collectors group on Facebook. | Svar 12.01.2018 02:38

Please may I join? born in 1958 so troll were/are my most favourite Toy! I collect only Thomas Dan & also have a couple of animals
Kind wishes
Wendy Australia

Søren 23.02.2018 19:20

lesley | Svar 26.07.2017 13:06

Please can I join the troll dam troll group I have over 100 dam trolls

Maria | Svar 12.04.2017 02:26

May I please join your group?
I have been a troll fan since 1983.
Thanks in advance.
Yahoo ID: mariabaerle | Svar 14.03.2015 19:56

Hello my name Cherie,
I have my Thomas Dam troll he's 50 years old like me.
still my Luck charm he has been all over Australia with me on my Journeys.

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23.08 | 22:45

blev lavet til Aalborgværft, som gave til malerne som havde årsdag eller andet

27.05 | 17:13

Hej ved du, hvor gammel denne er? Har en bare i hvid glasur.

05.05 | 03:50

Are these for sale?

23.03 | 17:00

Har en original Monkey med Sailing drakt fra 60 tallet. Hvor mye er en slik verdt.

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