Pictures of Trolls with Logo

Vine Carton with troll. very easy when you have to make a gift, with your own logo.

17 inh. troll with logo, many possibilities.

9 inch. Weber trolls, made for Weber Denmark 2008

7 inch. troll for Cellwood.

6 inch. Tall ship troll.

6 inch. football troll.

3,5 inch. troll with suctioncup, many hair colours.

7 and 3,5 inch. troll for Nordstrand Camping Frederikshavn.

Weber trolls are ready to leave Troll Company

Danish handball fan 2008

Danish handball fan 2008 Tr OL igan

Danish handball fan 2008 Tr OL igan

Danish Olympic skeet shooting competitor 2008 Anders Golding ( G OL ding )

This will give you some ideas to use your Company name on the Trolls as gift ideas for your customers 

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Judith Vodrey | Svar 08.01.2018 15:27

Hi I would like to buy a New dam troll doll .how can I do this from your shop can you let me know pleas thank you

Benj | Svar 19.10.2015 15:35

Hello I'm from France, I want to order, how can I process ?

Mille | Svar 11.09.2015 02:43


How can I order promotional items_

Dam Things 14.09.2015 11:16

Dear Mille please let me know where you come from, and what kind of item you want to order . You can write me at
Kind Regards
Dam Things Aps

Leah | Svar 10.06.2015 21:39

Hello, I have a client that wants 1000ea of 5 different hair colors and jewel belly buttons. They want them by July 31st 2015. Is this possible?pricing,freight?

Demarcus Jackson | Svar 17.02.2014 11:15

Hi I am looking to purchase some of these promotional Dolls for my company I needed to know about pricing

Scott 702-898-9070 | Svar 15.06.2012 21:20

My company is looking for 2000 troll dolls (500 in each of 4 colors of hair). Is this something you still produce. Need the price to be under $1 US each.

sandra samson 18.06.2012 11:56

Dear Scott
Please write me on and I will assist you.
Kind Regards Sandra DAM THINGS APS

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Hej Eva skriv lige til mig på mvh Sandra

18.11 | 14:34

Hvad koster det hvide rensdyr? Har lige sat et til salg på facebook, og nu der en der siger det kan være meget værd?

19.10 | 20:23

I have a troll with a date of 1985 on it head and 1977 on the body! Is this normal.

Ps it has jet black hair

13.10 | 13:19

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