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Skrevet af Sherill, d. 14-11-2008
Hi Soeren, thank you so much for keeping us updated on all the wonderful things that you are making at the DAM troll factory there in Gjol. Can't wait for all the goodies to come out. LOVE YOU!
Skrevet af Andrew Rozycki, d. 11-11-2008
A true troll story. In 1973 I bought a Dam troll and always used it as a good luck charm. A friend of mine admired it and I gave it to her. She loved it so much she made a little costume for it. In 2000, she was diagnosed with lung cancer and returned to the Philippines to be with her brothers and sisters. The troll went with her and gave her comfort along with our memories. Isn't it amazing how a little object (a Dam troll) can become so meaningful?
Skrevet af madafossa, d. 27-10-2008
Thanking you Soeren, most sincerely for the tales of trolls you shared........a gift that will surely inspire a new generation of troll lovers!!!!!

Skrevet af Ted Noah, d. 22-10-2008
Ever since I was 5 years old trolls have been in my life. I can't imagine what life would have been without them. Thomas' creation is beyond creation. It's amazing imagination and fantasy that has touched many lives, especially mine! I really hope that I can pass down such an amazing legacy to all my friends, nieces and nephews and maybe even my own kids one day. Please keep brining smiles to our faces from the smiles on the trolls!
Skrevet af , d. 22-10-2008
Skrevet af Timm Zitz, d. 21-10-2008
Love this site- I check back often for more pictures and uploads. We cannot wait to see what new and exciting trolls will be produced for 2009 !!! Thank you Soeren !
Skrevet af Penny Brayfield, d. 20-10-2008
Hi, Thanks for your wonderful website, it's really fun. Until this year, I had just two trolls, both of them DAM and they came along with me from my childhood. I was going to sell them but they smiled at me in a troll magic way and now I have hundreds, most of them DAM. My husband thinks I've gone a little crazy!
Skrevet af Vivien, d. 17-10-2008
Hello Soeren!
My world would be empty without trolls! I have had two 1960 trolls since I was 11 years old and am so happy to see they are still around and loved! I have bought so many trolls in the last two years - my house is overrun by them! I love them all - especially my monkey trolls! What a thrill it is having such a lovely website - well done!
Greetings from England, Viv
Skrevet af Elizabeth Andersen, d. 29-09-2008
I love your Trolls! They are so special. I visited your factory with my husband. He grew up in Gjøl, and we now live in the USA...with our Trolls.
Skrevet af shelley, d. 03-08-2008
Hi there, I came accross your site, and loved it!! I am a very big fan of dam trolls (old and new), but also collect many other sorts (Nyform, Fauni, Russ, Wishnik, Scandia House and many others).
keep up the good work!!
Trollish Greetings,
Skrevet af Jesper Nielsen, d. 30-01-2008
Kan ikke rigtigt se jeres hjemmeside...
Hilsen fra Jesper (borholmeren)fra Bangkok !
Skrevet af Sherill, d. 25-01-2008
Thanks for the info, Soeren....the site is the best!
Skrevet af Robert, d. 03-12-2007
That fruad seller from germany is selling again
ebay the one sold the animal trolls mouse with
ski's etc.
Skrevet af Jane Nuttycombe, d. 06-11-2007
I cannot believe I found this website! I never thought to look! I am so happy trolls are alive and well, and I wish I had continued to study Danish when I was a kid! Thank you so much! I am 1/4 Danish, but it's all troll!
Skrevet af birthe og kaj, d. 14-09-2007
hejsa søren

det er en rigtig flot hjemme side du har fået lavet. det er bare noget helt speciel at kunne side og kikke på alle trolene.

hilsen kaj og birthe

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27.05 | 17:13

Hej ved du, hvor gammel denne er? Har en bare i hvid glasur.

05.05 | 03:50

Are these for sale?

23.03 | 17:00

Har en original Monkey med Sailing drakt fra 60 tallet. Hvor mye er en slik verdt.

10.02 | 19:18

Har i nogle jum jum bøger til salg