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Brenda Ososki | Svar 10.12.2019 20.43

How do I purchase from you? Thank you

Roberta Sipp | Svar 25.09.2019 05.00

Roberta Marie Sipp
16 Wisteria Drive
Fredonia NY 14063

Dear Toy Company,
Hi! My name is Roberta Marie Sipp, I’m a freshman at Jamestown Business College and for my communications class.

Karin K. Sørensen | Svar 29.06.2019 11.46

I have a '1977 Skovtrold Pige med hale' in original condition with tag.
I'm considering selling it, but have no idea if she's collectible? | Svar 23.04.2019 17.18

the 2.5 in 3. inch dolls were the first produced for sale?

Andrew Margrie | Svar 26.03.2019 10.24

Good morning, I have recently been given a Dam Troll and wondered if you could help me with some more information about it please? Many thanks

Dam Things APS 26.03.2019 13.15

Please write me at best regards Dam Things

Deborah Marshall | Svar 06.02.2019 15.01

Would I be able to purchase Trolls in the varying sizes from you via a wholesale account? I would also like to have them delivered without their hair. TY

Dam Things | Svar 26.09.2018 21.34

Why would you like to buy it from Norway ???

Diana Hankland Kloepping | Svar 25.09.2018 22.31

Hello,is it possible to purchase new Dam dolls from Norway if I am in the US?
Kind regards, Diana

Natalie Poole | Svar 09.08.2018 22.02

I have one white troll and one black troll,both naked. I got them from my grandparents. How can I tell if they are dam trolls. Horseshoes on the feet of one?

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04.03 | 17:20

Hvor finder jeg model nr?? hvad kan han sælges for? 38cm høj med hue 44 cm. Fra 1977 står på ryggen, med bevægelig arme rødt sæt tøj og hvidt halstørklæde.

10.12 | 20:43

How do I purchase from you? Thank you

16.11 | 20:36

I have a female christmas troll approx 37 cm from 1977 - where do I find a male christmas troll -same size ?
Can you help

12.11 | 23:11

Can i buy this 44cm. Troll boy ?

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