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Paul Rapp | Svar 07.01.2018 21.16

We just got a 1986 hiker troll with bright green hair. We disrobed it and it had bright green underarm and pubic hair! Seriously! Is this normal? I have pics!

Dam Things ApS 08.01.2018 12.39

Dear Paul please send us picture of your Troll on
Best regards dam Things Aps

Allie Harrison | Svar 08.12.2017 14.24

Hi! I am interested in the creation of a special edition Troll Doll for Uncombable Hair Syndrome.

Reverend Jen Miller | Svar 27.11.2017 23.54

Calle Ostergaard visited my NYC Lower East Side Troll Museum in 2007. I enjoyed our conversation & am sending him a note via email to


Calle Ostergaard 29.11.2017 12.41

Hi Jen

I did not see any message from you ?

Sandy Dziok | Svar 23.10.2017 03.35

I am looking for some of your anniversary trolls. E-bay prices are too ridiculous. Where else can buy them? | Svar 27.09.2017 12.50

Does your company buyback trolls?
I have one from the 80's that is in good condition

Cathy Kristiansen | Svar 14.08.2017 23.07

May I use a troll drawing by Thomas Dam for a short blog I am writing about the origin of today's troll popularity, please? 3rd row on left

sandra 15.08.2017 12.11

In order to consider your request we need to see your drawing you have in your mind, please send this to Kind regards Dam Things Denmark

Mia Ponzo | Svar 25.05.2017 07.05

I hope you speak English 😊 I would just like to ask a question about the large 16" trolls made in Denmark that are being sold by and others. ...

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Dam Troll Collectors group on Facebook.

02.02 | 15:40

Hello I had a troll like the Blue one pictured above. It was stolen. I would like to buy another. Is that possible?I wish to buy a new one.

27.01 | 07:55

The rubber face of my troll I bought in Denmark years ago has turned partially
Dark. I am now back in the USA , can I send it back to fix it?

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