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Debra Thursfield | Svar 03.03.2021 14:14

I have a figure, I think plaster, looks like carved wood.
Looks very like the village people but he has three circles on the base, not DAM
Any ideas?

Kevin Roth | Svar 16.12.2020 04:37

Just bought a Dam troll doll I would like info on. About 12 inches high. Dark skinned, with red hair. Dam Things est 1964 on back of neck. I can't upload pic

Gudrun Terhechte-Geling | Svar 04.11.2020 01:34

Ich suche einen kleinen Troll, 4-5 cm zu kaufen, aber in Deutschland und letzten Monat in Dänemark auch nicht gefunden. Wo kann ich einen günstig kaufen

IngerMarie Carlsen | Svar 07.10.2020 11:16

Hej Beritt
Jeg har en stor gjøl nisse der mangler det ene øje, jeg har fået oplyst du kan hjælpe med det, håber at høre fra dig.
V.h. Inger Marie

Nancy Musser | Svar 03.08.2020 04:30

Hello, I am a Dam Troll Doll collector. How can I get a catalog with what's available to purchase.
Nancy Musser
949 W. ColterSt.#216
Phx AZ

Bente Jønsson | Svar 02.07.2020 20:44

Hej, jeg har fundet ham quark på mine svigerforældres loft, er quark /swan en gøjl - thomas dam trold?? Den er fra filmen valhalla fra 1986. Sender wr gerne fot

Mrs Heather Pickersgill | Svar 21.06.2020 11:56

Hi, I have a Thomas Dam Troll from the early 1960's, I have a girl troll with real hair, she has lost her yellow outfit, can I get a replacement anywhere?

Beritt Mathiesen 22.06.2020 17:36

Hallo I can help you. Look :

o7818 261982 | Svar 02.05.2020 19:06

Dear Sir,

I have an old Thomas Dam giraffe, he has lost his hair! Would it be possible to get replacement hair from you?

Yours faithfully

Bridget Melikian

Beritt Mathiesen 04.05.2020 20:56

Hallo Bridget
I have original braun sheepskin, and I can make a wig for your giraffe.

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07.08 | 12:13

Jeg er interessert i at købe jule dam trolde på 44cm,

22.06 | 00:24

Hi, I do not have my troll with me. It is about 1967 to 1970. You can find the year or some number on the troll itself when it is produced

13.03 | 16:15

Greetings! I cannot find the value of the man with the green hat and cloak, and the lady with the long brown hair with the blue cloak. Can you help? Thanks!

12.03 | 13:28

Were any Trolls made with a frown or scared face?

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