Rare Copper moulds

Small copper mould, giraffe.

Little troll with flower, copper mould.


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Ulla Sannemand Christiansen | Svar 08.11.2017 09:51

Jeg har et sæt baby trold tvillinger jeg gerne vil sælge.
Kan jeg gøre det herinde?

Pp 07.04.2018 16:27

Fik du dem solgt? Mvh

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13.03 | 16:15

Greetings! I cannot find the value of the man with the green hat and cloak, and the lady with the long brown hair with the blue cloak. Can you help? Thanks!

12.03 | 13:28

Were any Trolls made with a frown or scared face?

03.03 | 14:14

I have a figure, I think plaster, looks like carved wood.
Looks very like the village people but he has three circles on the base, not DAM
Any ideas?

07.02 | 01:58

Hello. I just bought a DAM troll with white hair and an orange hat. This troll also has shoes they look like black clogs, no clothes. What did it look like?

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