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Donna Strunk | Svar 07.08.2018 21.35

Where can i find out more info on the DAM trolls called the Wishnik Family? The box says 1964 on it. Are they worth anything?

Thanks in advance,

Dam Things 09.08.2018 10.15

Dear Donna
we do not value the trolls. I suggest you to follow some groups with collectors. One of my suggestion is

Søren | Svar 23.02.2018 19.19
Dam Troll Collectors group on Facebook. | Svar 12.01.2018 02.38

Please may I join? born in 1958 so troll were/are my most favourite Toy! I collect only Thomas Dan & also have a couple of animals
Kind wishes
Wendy Australia

Søren 23.02.2018 19.20

lesley | Svar 26.07.2017 13.06

Please can I join the troll dam troll group I have over 100 dam trolls

Maria | Svar 12.04.2017 02.26

May I please join your group?
I have been a troll fan since 1983.
Thanks in advance.
Yahoo ID: mariabaerle | Svar 14.03.2015 19.56

Hello my name Cherie,
I have my Thomas Dam troll he's 50 years old like me.
still my Luck charm he has been all over Australia with me on my Journeys.

lr | Svar 30.05.2013 11.34

hi im 10 and im 1 big fan iv over 60 trolls

tatyyy | Svar 01.09.2012 08.55

the trolls doll called "treasure trolls" are origina

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07.05 | 21:48

Er alle træfigurerne mærket DAM under bunden?
Vh Dorte

04.05 | 20:56

Hallo Bridget
I have original braun sheepskin, and I can make a wig for your giraffe.

02.05 | 19:06

Dear Sir,

I have an old Thomas Dam giraffe, he has lost his hair! Would it be possible to get replacement hair from you?

Yours faithfully

Bridget Melikian

30.04 | 12:19

Ja, send du bare billeder til så vil vi efter bedste evne give dit et svar


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