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ia | Svar 13.08.2015 22.39

I have a blue troll doll but it has two tones of blue it also has glitter on it and a number on the back. I cannot seem to find one the same on the internet

Vivian McAlexander "Gremlin" | Svar 21.11.2012 22.41

Wow! How I wish I could speak Danish! I kove my Trolls so much, especially the Dam Trolls! I am a 54 year old collector of Trolls. I a huge 1964 Dam named Loki

Levi | Svar 03.01.2012 06.57

That is very cool Lesley Im a 13 yr old boy and I collect Dam and Norfin trolls I love the way the big trolls hair feels!

lesley howson | Svar 02.01.2012 19.46

as it is my 50th birthday this year i intend to treat myself to a couple of the female 19 inch dam trolls,i already have four of the male 19 inch trolls.

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02.02 | 12:24

Please send picture to we would like to se those

Kind Regards
Dam Things Aps

02.02 | 12:21

Hej Miriam
Prøv de er ikke i forretningerne mere!nogle køb og salg sider var også en mulighed
mvh Dam Things Aps

02.02 | 12:19

they are very old, I think you can buy at
Good luck
Kind Regards
Dam Things ApS

02.02 | 12:18

Vi har den desværre ikke mere, prøv nogle af køb og salg siderne, prisen lå på 400 kr ca

Du kan lide denne side