Pictures of Trolls with Logo

This will give you some ideas to use your Company name on the Trolls as gift ideas for your customers 

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Benj | Svar 19.10.2015 15.35

Hello I'm from France, I want to order, how can I process ?

Mille | Svar 11.09.2015 02.43


How can I order promotional items_

Dam Things 14.09.2015 11.16

Dear Mille please let me know where you come from, and what kind of item you want to order . You can write me at
Kind Regards
Dam Things Aps

Leah | Svar 10.06.2015 21.39

Hello, I have a client that wants 1000ea of 5 different hair colors and jewel belly buttons. They want them by July 31st 2015. Is this possible?pricing,freight?

Demarcus Jackson | Svar 17.02.2014 11.15

Hi I am looking to purchase some of these promotional Dolls for my company I needed to know about pricing

Scott 702-898-9070 | Svar 15.06.2012 21.20

My company is looking for 2000 troll dolls (500 in each of 4 colors of hair). Is this something you still produce. Need the price to be under $1 US each.

sandra samson 18.06.2012 11.56

Dear Scott
Please write me on and I will assist you.
Kind Regards Sandra DAM THINGS APS

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I dag | 06:30

Hi I am from Australia and would like to know how can I purchase them, as your website is still not working

19.02 | 08:12

Hej, er det muligt at købe denne sparebøsse nogensteder?? Vil virkelig gerne have en til min datter

17.02 | 01:34

Jeg kom fra Canada i 1959. Min Morfar havde købt mig en trold. Den skræmte mig den første dag, så den blev puttet i en skuffe. Han hed Mickey.
Sled ham op

15.02 | 05:05

I have one of these trolls. Does it have a name and does it have a collector value

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