Sleigh and Santa 1950´s.

Big reindeer 1960´s very very rare. Fit the sleigh and will be back in nov. 2008.

Big reindeer 2008 Master model.

Sleigh 2008 Master model.

Anniversary model 2009.

The rarest af all Thomas Dam works, made in the early 60´s.

Only made a few pcs.

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dora villarreal | Svar 18.02.2012 10.41

I would love to shop your store. Would you be kind enough to send me a news letter of your new website when it becomes available, I forward to hearing from you

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11.04 | 17:59

Is this donkey still available? I’m interested

11.04 | 17:56

I would love this donkey. Is t available?

07.04 | 16:27

Fik du dem solgt? Mvh

07.04 | 01:25

You Will sell it? Mail too me

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