Picture of money banks by Dam

Bear 1980´s

Teddy bear 1980´s

Whale 1980´s Rare

Kroelle Boelle 1980´s. Rare

Turttle 1960´s. Very rare.

Look at all the Money Banks made By Dam

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Eve Eunson | Svar 12.09.2017 12.11

I hope u can help me... I have lost the key to my beautiful DAM whale money bank. How can I get a new key? I live in Scotland.

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10.12 | 20:43

How do I purchase from you? Thank you

16.11 | 20:36

I have a female christmas troll approx 37 cm from 1977 - where do I find a male christmas troll -same size ?
Can you help

12.11 | 23:11

Can i buy this 44cm. Troll boy ?

29.10 | 10:05

please send picture to sandra@damthings.dk and i will try to help you
Best Regards
Dam Things

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