Santa with box. 1965.

Little Dam troll, with original plastic tag.

Original tag from the 1960´s - 1970´s

Original tag from 1960´s - 1970´s

Viking boy ang girl, 2004

H C Andersen troll 2003

Witch troll 2004

Soldier troll 2005

Christmas trolls 36 cm.

Big troll no. 800 made a few 100 pcs. Store display with big hands, to hold small things. 1977

Dam troll no. 800

800 store display 1977

Look at me, I can walk.

Walking troll from the middle of the 70´s.

I walk if you push me on my tail.

Dam walking troll, with moveable head,arms and legs. When you push the tail forward, they moved their feet, walked around. 1970´s

Dam walking troll with tail. early 1970´s

Dammit troll 1960´s.

Troligan troll, made for football EM 1980´s

Charlie Rivel 1980´s

Paintet 8cm. trolls 1960´s

8 cm. trolls from the early 1960´s 8 cm. trolde fra starten af 1960´erne.

Handpuppet. early 1960´s. first seen in 1956.

1956. A school class from Gjoel at a trip to Copenhagen.

Handpuppet. same as the on one the picture from 1956, with the school class from Gjoel.

Dam Angel from 1980´s prototype.

Dam Angel 1980´s

Dam Angel 1980´s. Home made hair and eyes.

Mars troll 1960´s Look at the other pictures, I can turn my head. Newer produced.

Mars troll 1970´s

Mars troll 1970´s

Viking troll 1960´s I can mowe my head, look at the 3 next pictures.

Dam troll Knight. Newer produced.

Micro troll 1 inch. 2000

Micro troll 1 inch. 2000

Pair of trolls made in USA 1960´s. Gift from Rosemary USA

Photo of old Dam Trolls

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Kenneth | Svar 19.01.2019 12.11

Har en gammel trold fra 1977 der er 50 cm høj.
Er der nogen der har viden om hvad den er værd?
Mvh Kenneth.

P 20.01.2019 22.58

Hej Kenneth
Send mig gerne en mail og jeg vil hjælpe dig

Sandra Dziok | Svar 09.11.2017 16.29

Where can I find your 2009 anniversary trolls for a decent price?

gurli hjort | Svar 27.07.2017 12.45

kan man købe nogen af troldene, de er virkelig flotte, hvis ikke hvor kan så købe dem mvh

Dam Things 09.08.2017 14.41

Hej Gurli, Hvilke Trolde snakker vi om ? mange hilsner Dam Things

sjjsdcj | Svar 18.12.2011 00.31

Very beautiful trolls i would lov tohave these

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17.02 | 15:46

I met your Troll in Karolinelund/Aalborg and got so scared that I ran out again. Somebody came after me a. gave me my money back. Always wanted to see the Troll

06.02 | 15:01

Would I be able to purchase Trolls in the varying sizes from you via a wholesale account? I would also like to have them delivered without their hair. TY

20.01 | 22:58

Hej Kenneth
Send mig gerne en mail og jeg vil hjælpe dig

19.01 | 15:41

I have 2 Dam trolls 1985 unfortunately I have lost the outfit for one. I can't find any like i; do you do replacement ?

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