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Skrevet af Timm Zitz, d. 03-09-2007
what a great site and treat ! I had such a great visit with all of you - my new troll friends! Can't wait to see what the new trolls you add- Timm
Skrevet af Mary, d. 31-08-2007
This website is wonderful! Thank you for sharing these marvelous photos! I just wish I knew how to read Danish. Best wishes, Mary
Skrevet af Sanne og Leo, d. 29-08-2007
Hej Søren
Det var dog en utrolig flot hjemmeside.. Godt gået.. Her er lige et foto af vore DAM-træ-ting, så har du også det... Og NSU-Club Dk takker for den altid flotte service vi får, når der skal laves tryk på vores troldemascot... Keep up the good work
Bedste hilsner herfra Elmevej
Skrevet af Sherill, d. 29-08-2007
Soeren, this pictures are the best, and thanks for including my big reindeer in your photos. Love ya...Sherill
Skrevet af we love your site, d. 29-08-2007
we love your site!!!! The best pictures of thomas Dam go to you!!!
Skrevet af June, d. 29-08-2007
Hi Soeren! What a beautiful site. I'd love to come and live with all these sweet trolls. Russell wants his photo up in one of the books. He always has an opinion. This is just lovely though!!!
Your friend, June
Skrevet af Bendt M. Poulsen, d. 28-08-2007
It's a very fine site and a lot of unique and old trolls. Good luck.

Det er en flot side med mange unikke og gamle trolde.
Held og lykke med hjemmesiden.

Bendt M. poulsen
Skrevet af Boatonline, d. 28-08-2007
Very, very fine site you've made here Soeren
Best of Luck
Helle and Torben

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05.09 | 19:30

Is it possible to buy a new Dam Troll from www.damworld.dk if I live in the United States?

Thank you,
Danyiel Sugden

29.08 | 20:05

I have troll that has "dam things 1965" mark in its foot. It's similar with this one but it has white hair and different clothes. Can you tell me more about it?

25.08 | 00:50

Håret er lavet af Islandsk fåreskind.
Jeg kan lave en ny paryk til dig.

23.08 | 00:33

what whould she be worth