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Skrevet af Kathy Boody, d. 27-08-2011
I have a collection of Thomas Dam Trolls for sale they are all tagged and in mint condition if you would like to see them email me at jeffrey.boody@verizon.net
thank you
Kathy Boody
Skrevet af helle, d. 02-08-2011
fin hjemmeside i har her
har et spørgsmål som jeg håber i kan svare
på jeg ville høre om i ved om man kan få trolde med fck trøje på?

Hilsen Helle
Skrevet af Kathy Boody, d. 14-07-2011
This is a great site. I wish i could read what they are saying but i can only ready english. Thank you for a wonderful site
Skrevet af Ann , d. 06-07-2011
Håber der kommer gang i det igen, savner flere trolde.
Skrevet af lesley howson, d. 23-06-2011
i have loads of dam trolls after getting my first one in 1969 when i was 7 and have loved them and been collecting ever since.i love this website and hearing and seeing other peoples collections
Skrevet af Anne M, d. 08-05-2011
Hej Søren
Faldt lige over denne, måske det er noget for dig :o)
Mvh Anne
Skrevet af 3-24-2011, d. 25-03-2011
Hi, my name is Anna. I'm researching Trolls for a school social studies report and poster. Please email or send me information for this project. Thank you for your help!
Skrevet af Sherill, d. 03-12-2010
Hi Soeren, just checking in to see what's new this Christmas. More trolls are always a great present!
Skrevet af Sanne, d. 02-10-2010
Hej i to søde mennesker.
Man ville da næsten ønske man var hest :), der bliver bare så flot i stalden, Ja, over det hele.
De kærligste hilsner og håb om vi snart får tid til at ses.
Sanne og Thomas
Skrevet af Karin, d. 21-09-2010
Dav !
Meget glad jeg funnet hjeres side. Har et troll fra 1964 her hjemme. Og nu hved jeg at det er äkte.
Haaber I stadigvaek gör trollen og ikke sluter.
Skrevet af Gail Sorensen, d. 08-07-2010
Love those trolls! It is fun learning about them. I did have one as a young girl. Brings back great memories.
Skrevet af Philip davies aka Megrimmtroll, d. 04-04-2010
Really like your website, I am interested in trolls and folkoric stories about them. I am currently writing some stories of my own, I find it really fascinating the whole subject of trolls I now live in Scotland, I am a retired archaeologist
Skrevet af Sandra, d. 02-03-2010
ja ein chat unter http://www.coldtube.com
Skrevet af Savannah Patterson, d. 25-02-2010
hi my name is savannah and im doing a reasearch paper on troll dolls and i would like your help please email me at savannahbananaalabama97@yahoo.com thank you or send me something i could use at 4 social st. North providence , Rhode Island 02904
Skrevet af Cheryl, d. 28-11-2009
Love your website. In my years of collecting troll, I have never encountered such a knowledgeable and informative site about Dam trolls. Keep up the incredible work. (pic. of me & my trolls 2002)

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05.09 | 19:30

Is it possible to buy a new Dam Troll from www.damworld.dk if I live in the United States?

Thank you,
Danyiel Sugden

29.08 | 20:05

I have troll that has "dam things 1965" mark in its foot. It's similar with this one but it has white hair and different clothes. Can you tell me more about it?

25.08 | 00:50

Håret er lavet af Islandsk fåreskind.
Jeg kan lave en ny paryk til dig.

23.08 | 00:33

what whould she be worth