Troll monkey pair, all original.

Big sailor monkey 1960´s. Very very rare.

Big monkey girl 1960´s. Very very rare.

Big monkey with original new Dam troll dress 1960´s. Moveable arm´s and head.

Big monkey´s from the middle 60´s.

Big reindeer from the 1960´s Very very rare.

Big giraffe from 1965.

Big giraffe 1960´s. Rare.

Bid giraffe 1960´s. Very rare.

Dam horse BIG 1965 with fur hair.

Big horse from 1965. Very rare.

Big Dam donkey, 1960´ Very rare.

Big Karoline cow, 1965. Rare.

Dam baby elephant. Early 1960´s Very very rare. Meget sjælden.

Dam baby elephant. Early 1960´s Very very rare. Meget sjælden.

Big elephant. Limited edition 1990´s.

Lion mid 1960´ Rare.

Troll Rats 1960´s Trolde rotter 1960´s

Big reindeer with santa in sleigh, very very rare, only 1 known excample. 1960´

Dam Nitusch from middle 1980´

Little monkey painter. Very rare.

Little monkey sailor. Very rare.

Little monkey 1965´ Very rare.

Little monkey, car hanger. Very rare.

Little reindeer with box from 1965, very very rare.

Little reindeer with box 1960´s. Very very rare.

Little spotted cow 1960´s. Very very rare.

Little spotted cow 1960´s. Very very rare.

Little Dam cow, made in Denmark 1960´s. Rare

Little horse 1960´s. Rare.

Little elephant and donkey, made in USA 1960´s. Rare

Little aligator troll, from the fabric in Florida, 1960´

Dam hobbyhorse from 1970´ only sold in Denmark. very very rare.

Little monkey 1989

Little mouse 1989

Little elephant 1989

Little pig 1989

Little sitting pig 1989

Dam dog, newer produced.

Look at the old animals.

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OK Sender...

Alice Pedersen | Svar 19.08.2020 15:44

Hvad er håret lavet af..har en jeg fik for snart 53 år siden og håret er temmelug falmet

Beritt Mathiesen 25.08.2020 00:50

Håret er lavet af Islandsk fåreskind.
Jeg kan lave en ny paryk til dig.

Carolien Smit | Svar 20.12.2016 20:50

Can you please tell me if I can buy Trolls?
Thank you
Greatings from C

Calle Østergaard | Svar 08.05.2014 12:35

Yes, you are welcome to send to:


Adam | Svar 08.05.2014 05:43

Can I send you some pictures of my rare Dam trolls for your website?

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22.06 | 00:24

Hi, I do not have my troll with me. It is about 1967 to 1970. You can find the year or some number on the troll itself when it is produced

13.03 | 16:15

Greetings! I cannot find the value of the man with the green hat and cloak, and the lady with the long brown hair with the blue cloak. Can you help? Thanks!

12.03 | 13:28

Were any Trolls made with a frown or scared face?

03.03 | 14:14

I have a figure, I think plaster, looks like carved wood.
Looks very like the village people but he has three circles on the base, not DAM
Any ideas?

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