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News 2011

DreamWorks to Make Stars of Danish Troll Dolls

DreamWorks Animation has acquired the film rights to the Good Luck Troll toys from Dam Things in Denmark, and plans to produce a feature film based on the popular figures.

The studio has hired sibling writers Adam Wilson and Melanie Wilson LaBracio to write the screenplay. Dannie Festa of Festa Entertainment, which brought the package to DreamWorks, will be executive producer on the film.

The Good Luck Troll dolls were created in 1959 by Danish woodcutter Thomas Dam. The dolls caught on and became a craze in the 1960s and again in the 1990s.

“My father would have been very happy to know that his Troll has found its dream partner in DreamWorks Animation,” said Niels Dam, who now owns the family business.

Calle Ostergaard, CEO of Dam Things, added, “We have been planning to bring the Good Luck Troll toy line back into homes around the world and we are excited to see how the talented storytellers and artists at DreamWorks Animation will bring them to life.”

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Søren Petersen | Svar 19.03.2015 22.07

Thomas Dam Exhibition 4.-6. april in Gjoel.
Statue of Thomas Dam Will be given to Gjoel, when the Exhibition open 1000.
Many old Dam things Will be shown.

Lars Persson | Svar 08.02.2015 19.53

Jag letar efter Thomas Dam såsom Hästar "Trollhästar"
Finns det från villket år är de gjorda??

Abraham | Svar 01.02.2015 13.48

Dreamworks Animation is facing financial troubles, we wonder what they can do with the troll dolls in their current state

Brian Norn | Svar 10.01.2015 22.33

Har en 50cm dam trold fra 1977 der mangler tøj , kan det stadig købes
Han er stemplet og er original og i rigtig god stand.
Og hvad er han egentlig værd ?

Beritt Mathiesen 16.01.2015 15.02

Hej, ja jeg har meget originalt tøj. Se min hjemmeside
Med venlig hilsen Beritt

Abraham | Svar 27.12.2014 07.37

how do you feel with your main creation owned by another company?

Dam Things | Svar 02.12.2014 11.36

Hi Giovanni
if you send a picture of your figurines to us on:
Then we will try to give you a reasoned answer.


giovanni | Svar 01.12.2014 19.38

Hi I found three of dams wooden figurines and was wondering what they are worth. i only speak english.

Lilian Nilsson | Svar 20.11.2014 20.15

Det finns en butik i Sverige, som har mycket DAM troll i lager.

Med vänlig hälsning

Marie Sørensen | Svar 26.10.2014 18.16

Hej. Jeg leder efter en ninjatrold til en troldebegejstret ven. Findes der sådan en?

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23.03 | 22:21

Det er et bedårende par, dem har jeg aldrig set, jeg har da ellers haft mange trolde imellem fingrene. Hvor gamle er de ?

19.03 | 22:07

Thomas Dam Exhibition 4.-6. april in Gjoel.
Statue of Thomas Dam Will be given to Gjoel, when the Exhibition open 1000.
Many old Dam things Will be shown.

14.03 | 18:56

Hello my name Cherie,
I have my Thomas Dam troll he's 50 years old like me.
still my Luck charm he has been all over Australia with me on my Journeys.

12.03 | 22:38

How I buy it? I'm from Russia.

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