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Gjøl in Denmark


News 2011

DreamWorks to Make Stars of Danish Troll Dolls

DreamWorks Animation has acquired the film rights to the Good Luck Troll toys from Dam Things in Denmark, and plans to produce a feature film based on the popular figures.

The Good Luck Troll dolls were created in 1959 by Danish woodcutter Thomas Dam. The dolls caught on and became a craze in the 1960s and again in the 1990s.

“My father would have been very happy to know that his Troll has found its dream partner in DreamWorks Animation,” said Niels Dam, who now owns the family business.

Calle Ostergaard, CEO of Dam Things, added, “We have been planning to bring the Good Luck Troll toy line back into homes around the world and we are excited to see how the talented storytellers and artists at DreamWorks Animation will bring them to life.”

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Amy Greenhalgh | Svar 19.01.2019 15.41

I have 2 Dam trolls 1985 unfortunately I have lost the outfit for one. I can't find any like i; do you do replacement ?

Marie | Svar 24.11.2018 04.29

Can new Dam troll dolls still be purchased? From this site or another? Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you!

Fritz Sattes | Svar 22.08.2018 19.02

Can I purchase just the hair from you?
Thank you,
Fritz Sattes
352 246-6606 U.S.A.

Wendelin Ringel | Svar 11.03.2018 18.31

Hi I just finally got a dam trolderpus - He is like a troll in a monkey suit - 2 other trolls in his set that I must find- could I plesee get their names & pic

Karin Birgit Pedersen | Svar 28.02.2018 10.24

Jeg har en lille keramik Dam Trold fra 1967. Den har to minimale afslag på hatteskyggen. Den er mærket i bunden DAM 67 (c).
Den er ca. /,3 cm høj. Grøn/gulig

Karin B. Pedersen 28.02.2018 10.26

Jeg vil gerne vide, hvad den er værd.
Mange hilsner Karin B. Pedersen

Bobbi Arnold | Svar 02.02.2018 15.40

Hello I had a troll like the Blue one pictured above. It was stolen. I would like to buy another. Is that possible?I wish to buy a new one.

Anna Hellström | Svar 29.11.2017 18.55

Hi! An original troll from 1965 what would it be worth? Its a very small one.

Damthings 30.11.2017 12.10

please write me on and I will try to help you
Regards Dam Things

Mie Milling | Svar 27.11.2017 17.03

Jeg har 6 trolde som gerne vil skifte hjem. Den ene fra DK 1980... Jeg kan sende billeder
Mvh Mie Milling

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06.02 | 15:01

Would I be able to purchase Trolls in the varying sizes from you via a wholesale account? I would also like to have them delivered without their hair. TY

20.01 | 22:58

Hej Kenneth
Send mig gerne en mail og jeg vil hjælpe dig

19.01 | 15:41

I have 2 Dam trolls 1985 unfortunately I have lost the outfit for one. I can't find any like i; do you do replacement ?

19.01 | 12:11

Har en gammel trold fra 1977 der er 50 cm høj.
Er der nogen der har viden om hvad den er værd?
Mvh Kenneth.

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